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What God Wants to Do

God has promised to “make you plenteous in goods!” (Deuteronomy 28:11).

When we know that God’s Word is “God’s Will,” it is not difficult for us to believe Him to do what He promised, because we are sure that’s what He wants to do. What He promised is what He wants done in your life. His promise is His desire and His provision for you.

Your faith in the promise of God is your actual receipt that what you desire has been paid for by God’s integrity and the sacrifice of Jesus, and it is legally yours upon demand.

God does nothing on earth outside of respond to faith and answer prayers. He does nothing outside of fulfilling His promises contained in His Covenant to the believer. That’s why “the promises of the Lord can (must) be trusted” (Psalm 12:6, GNT).

To believe God and act accordingly is the greatest way you can honor God and the only way to get the results and manifestations God has promised you.

Whoever develops and uses faith can master all situations and take advantage of every opportunity. He can have all that he desires from God and life; and there are no limits to what he can get.

Faith will break through all barriers of reasonings, questionings, unbelief, doubt, contrary circumstances, demonic resistance, and thoughts of failure.

Be a possibility believer, not an impossibility believer!

Pastor Glen Curry