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No Disappointments in God

Everything is in place for you to live a bigger life. Life more abundantly!

In the Old Testament, certain conditions needed to be met in order to receive an answer or blessing from God. 

Well, all the conditions and requirements to receive God’s blessings were fully met through Jesus, and now, under grace (“You are not under the law but under grace,” Romans 6:14), every blessing is FREELY GIVEN to us from God simply by us being IN-Christ and believing what He said and promised, and Jesus accomplished for us.

Adopt the new mindset that it is always God’s Will for you to get what you want  from God without the disappointment of having to wait months or years to get it.

You may have to stand in faith for some time after praying, and certainly some seeds take longer to produce a harvest than others, but if you really prayed in faith, based on what God promised and Jesus achieved through His resurrection, your answer should manifest right away.

“O my God, I trust, lean on, rely on, and am confident in You. Let me not be put to shame or be disappointed… Let none who trust in You be disappointed” (Psalm 25:2-3, AMP).

No disappointments in God!

Pastor Glen Curry