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Put God in Remembrance

“It is your Heavenly Father’s good pleasure to give you anything and everything His Kingdom contains” (Luke 12:32).

“Prayer should be God looking down to earth and seeing a mirror reflecting His Word back to Him” (Pastor E. W. Kenyon, 1867-1948, Author, and founder of Bethel Bible Institute).

God said, “Put me in remembrance of what I said” (Isaiah 43:26). Prayer should not be us reminding God of our problems, but rather reminding Him, and putting Him in remembrance of what He said about our problems. Thus, the need to pray the Word.

In general, we Christians have attributed no results and negative outcomes to our prayers as being God’s Will. We couldn’t be more wrong.

Don’t pray the problem; pray the solution, which is His Word.

God said, “I will hasten (keep watch over) my Word to perform it” (Jeremiah 1:12, KJV).

You can’t believe God beyond your knowledge of what God said He will do and has done for you through Jesus Christ.

“Through knowledge shall the just be delivered” (Proverbs 11:9).

We can’t believe God to do something we are not sure He wants to do. This is why knowledge of the Bible and God’s promises are so important. God is more than willing to save, forgive, prosper, heal, and so forth. But without that knowledge, there is no basis for faith. And without faith we give Him no opportunity to do what He is willing to do.

Pray the solution!

Pastor Glen Curry